Big Bonus Wheel, hitting a high street near you

Big Bonus Wheel VIP
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Astra Games and Luxury Leisure/Talarius have expanded the rollout of Big Bonus Wheel with Rotherham, Manchester and Liverpool going live.


The installations have already made their mark, confirming the confidence Astra have in the product. Sales and marketing director Alan Rogers confirmed: “Big Bonus Wheel clearly compliments Astra’s VIP Lounge. Aesthetically and functionally it’s something of a groundbreaker that turns conventional thinking on its head.

“Play it back to back with any of our competitors’ products and the difference will become instantly apparent. It’s a bit like watching the latest movie in full HD and then returning to watch it all over again in standard definition.

“Once you’ve had a go on the Big Bonus Wheel VIP experience there’s really no going back and we are seeing that’s something players learn very quickly.”

This, said Rogers, marks an important shift in thinking for UK industry stakeholders.

“First and foremost the onus has to be on producing great games. But above and beyond that we have to look at constantly improving the way we present those games and Big Bonus Wheel is leading the way.”

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