Lanes N’ Games grounds virtual reality in authentic relationships

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Located several miles from Silverstone Circuit, Lanes N’ Games gives visitors to Cosgrove Park a chance to virtually race around Britain’s most iconic race track – aided by a strong relationship with the holiday park’s operator.


Operating on the 180-acre Cosgrove Park near Milton Keynes, Lanes N’ Games has invested in Virtual Reality to provide a Silverstone Circuit experience for the holiday park’s many visitors.

Along with the VR, operator Shelley Bird explained that she has installed more video games at the holiday park FEC, which serves as Cosgrove Park’s main entertainment hub.

“We’ve gone towards video games this season, including Sega Outrun, Time Crisis, Space Invaders, and Guitar Hero,” she commented.

“We’ve also got a VR system from Oculus that we will base around Silverstone Racetrack. We are not actually that far from it, about seven miles, and a lot of people that stay on site do so for racing weekends and track events.”

With many repeat visits from guests at the holiday park, Lanes N’ Games plans to offer its VR experience at a low price point,similar to that of its bowling and crazy golf, utilising loyalty cards to encourage repeat play.

“Our prices are very cheap: we have a nine hole golf course which has all been renovated, and we only charge £2 a person, and our bowling is £2.50 a child and £3 an adult, when there’s a bowling alley down the road that charges double that,” said Bird.

“We’ve not worked out a final price for the VR experience yet, but it will be around a couple of pounds for five to ten minutes. We also do loyalty cards for our bowling, and we will incorporate the same for our VR.”

As well as cementing a good relationship with guests, Lanes N’ Games maintains a strong partnership with the operator of Cosgrove Park, benefiting both parties in their pursuit of offering a premium customer experience.

“The people who own the park are very good, they advertise our games and try to incorporate us and let us support i as many events as possible,” Bird concluded.

“At the end of the day, we’re here to entertain their customers, and they help me out enormously to achieve that.”

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