Repeat orders underpin Playdium sales success

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Sales of Playdium, widely recognised as the UK’s best performing jukebox with income figures 25 percent above the industry average, are being driven by a buoyant level of repeat orders that are being placed by operators of all sizes.


According to figures released by TouchTunes, the proportion of repeat orders registered during Q1 of 2018 account for a significant 40 percent of the total.

Confirming the data, Toby Hoyte, TouchTunes sales and marketing manager, said: “Following its official launch at the 2016 edition of ACOS, sales of Playdium have continued to build to the extent that it is now the market leading jukebox and has been for some time.

Operators from every corner of the country have backed the Playdium and what’s particularly pleasing is that whilst the number of customers is expanding the proportion of repeat orders is also on the increase.

“In practical terms operators are testing the product, experiencing what it can deliver in terms of cashbox income and coming back for more. We are seeing operators placing their second, third and in some cases their fourth repeat order within the same month. In addition we have several large regional and national operators placing large repeat orders.

“This demonstrates a huge vote of confidence in a product that has transformed the market and helped to further cement the status of digital jukeboxes as an integral part of a pub’s entertainment offering.”

He added: “When operators start to experience serious cashbox income that’s so far ahead of the national average it focuses attention. As a consequence, there’s a real momentum behind Playdium which is being seen in the number and combination of new and repeat customers.”

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