Suzohapp on redemption: A healthy future ahead

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John Vallis, VP gaming and amusements EMEA, SuzoHapp, discusses how the company is helping redemption operators the country over modernise premises to best drive performance.


Coinslot: How do you assess the UK redemption market?

John Vallis: We see the UK as the most important market for redemption in Europe.We have a culture that enables people of all ages to enjoy redemption games. As in all markets it is subject to growth and decline. At the moment business has picked up again and we are proud to have such a strong position in the market.

CS: Do you see the redemption sector, and its footprint within the market continuing to grow?

JV: We see it remaining steady – that’s for sure.Naturally we hope that the sector will grow.We are observing how businesses are investing again in redemption, for example by modernising piers. If operators continue to invest and offer attractive venues,then we see a healthy future for the redemption market. British people are spending more of their holiday time now in the UK – which boosts the market as well.

CS: What products or services does SuzoHapp offer the redemption operator?

JV: We’re specialised in providing the widest range of solutions for the redemption market. The UK has probably the strongest redemption market in Europe. Under our brands CompetitionPRO and BilliardPRO our customers can find exactly what they are looking for, from billiard cues, cloth and chalk to push buttons, basketballs, touchscreen mallets, aerosols and joysticks.

Operators need to offer their customers to change their notes into coins and also higher value coins into smaller value coins (for example for the 2p machines). Our Comestero change machines offer the perfect solutions. And at the end of the day, when the coins and notes have to be counted and sorted, then our Scan Coin range solves all the requirements operators have.

CS: How do they best help businesses?

JV: Manufacturers can find exactly the products they need to complement and complete their redemption machines. Operators have direct access to spare parts – so minimising potential machine downtime.

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