RLMS: Redemption still going from strength to strength

Coinslot Tony Glanville RLMS
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The rise of redemption has been an undeniable theme of the last few years. Tony Glanville, MD of RLMS, comments on the burgeoning market sector and the exciting news coming out of Novomatic UK.

Coinslot: How do you see the redemption market performing?

Tony Glanville: Without a shadow of a doubt the swing in the coastal arcade and holiday park market to redemption equipment has been quite extraordinary. This has now been followed with a number of inland locations such as bowling alleys and venues that focus on redemption opening within shopping and multi entertainment centres.

Novomatic UK demonstrated their view of the strength and importance of the redemption market when they launched Bulldog Games to much acclaim at this year’s EAG. Bulldog Games is a redemption specialist representing product designed and built in the UK. The demand for redemption equipment will remain strong as the market is still growing and needs fulfilment and where it has been established for some time these locations need to refresh their offering so require a supply of new games.

CS: Can you single out any specific products or innovations that have helped this success?

TG: The distributors and operators that pioneered redemption in the home market imported a great deal of equipment from US suppliers as there was little choice elsewhere.As demand strengthened, operators wanted a wider choice of equipment and we saw product that was synonymous to the UK market having ticket payout added as a feature such as the pusher and coin roll down games.

Pushers and roll downs that offer ticket payout have now become the backbone of the majority of operators offering and Bulldog launched the DOND and Monopoly pushers and Monopoly Roll Down to supply that sector of the redemption market.

CS: How important is the physical engagement and excitement factor for redemption units?

TG: As we have seen in other market segments such as video it is important to offer players an experience that they cannot replicate on handheld devices and consoles.

A number of the most successful games in the redemption market require player interaction, in our portfolio the best example of that is Bulldog Games’ Ben Bones which requires the player to interact with the game by physically spinning a barrel that in turns spins off barrel on the screen that display the ticket awards.

A very simple idea but the players just love that interaction. The other big hit where the experience cannot be replicated on phones and tablets etc. is the pushers and roll downs which combine the thrill of using real cash with a redemption ticket feature.

CS: How important is it to keep machines up to date with the latest licences and technologies?

TG: We work hard with our suppliers to ensure we are in tune with the current trends and therefore the needs of the market. The products we have within our portfolio are designed to appeal to a broad cross section of players so a whole family regardless of age or genre can understand and enjoy playing the game.

We have products with iconic licences such as Deal or No Deal and Monopoly that have instant player recognition and drive footfall to the product. In terms of technology our games utilise the very latest screen technology that delivers the game to the player with stunning high quality graphics providing the player with a visual and game experience second to none.

Operators can rest assured that at RLMS Sales we will work tirelessly with our suppliers to ensure that products coming to market are best of breed and will fulfil the needs of the redemption market for years to come.

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