Woolls family investment promises to be a great deal for Dymchurch

Dymchurch Amusement Park woolls
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The Woolls family has invested circa £500,000 in its Dymchurch Amusement Park operation. The injection has gone towards delivering the first roller coaster in the town with the Family Coaster timed on stream for peak season.


The project has been welcomed by the Kent area with an estimated 50 jobs likely to be created by the Woolls family investment.

Operators of amusement arcades in the neighbouring town of Deal, the Woolls have operated Dymchurch for almost quarter of a century and the latest wave of improvements have generated an air of excitement in the area.

Talking to local media Kent Online, spokesman Andy Stevens said: “We are proud to be investing in creating a large number of jobs at the park, as well as investing in an exciting new rollercoaster for the park itself.

“This thrilling Family Coaster rollercoaster is a first for Dymchurch Amusement Park, and a sure-fire fun ride to amuse and delight all, from your little ones right through to everyone who’s young at heart.

“We continue to invest and pride ourselves on the enduring family and child-friendly appeal of the park, family-run for the past 23 years.”

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