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Presenting a range of products from stand-alone coin sorters to billiard cues, cash handling specialists Suzohapp showcased developments from its company partnerships with Scan Coin and Comestero.

Cash-handling software and hardware provider Suzohapp made “full use” of all opportunities at this year’s Irish Gaming Show.

With even the chairs on the stall up for sale, the company showcased each branch of its range, including the latest Scan Coin products, change machines,ticket printers and components.

“We made full use of the Irish Gaming Show,” said John Vallis, vice president for gaming and amusement EMEA.

“Even though booth size is at a premium,we could demonstrate our larger solutions as well.”

The larger solutions displayed by the company included the Scan Coin ICXActive-9, the latest coin sorter product by Suzohapp’s Scan Coin subsidiary.

The standalone unit, with 10” touchscreen user interface, is able to count and sort up to 9 different types of coins or tokens at a rate of up to 2,700 per minute.

Utilising Scan Coin’s Active Sorting technology, the ICX Active-9 is also able to process multiple currencies and add multiple coins in the same bag.

Back office solutions from Scan Coin for coin and banknote sorting were also demonstrated, with compact counters SC303 and SC8220 on display.

The latest developments to Suzohapp’s Comestero range of change machines also featured prominently on the stand, with the bestselling machines Dual Coin Pro and Easy Pro taking centre stage.

Featuring reinforced closing mechanisms and ccTalk protocol, the 32-bit CPU Dual Coin Pro also offers operators the ability to import and export configuration parameters and export accounting data.

Alongside the Easy Pro, the two Comestero products represent the best selling change machines currently in the European market.

“We had a wide array of components on our stand as well,” said Vallis, “such as products from our BilliardPRO and CompetitionPRO ranges.”

The selection of billiard and snooker products,as well as dedicated spare parts, included billiard cues, table cloths, and redemption tickets and dispensers, and demonstrated Suzohapp’s determination to showcase the widest range of products suited to the Irish market.

“Even the chairs we had on our stand were for sale,from Car- rillo and Bonetti,” added Vallis.

“Visitors were fully informed on the many solutions we offer and we took orders during both days.”

The strength of company’s product display also demonstrated the confidence Suzohapp has in the enduring robustness of the Irish market, despite potential legislative changes and the shadow of Brexit.

“There is no way to say for certain that the status quo in the Irish gaming market will change,” said Vallis.

“We have been active in the Irish market for many years and we will ensure our customers continue to receive the excellent service they are used to – with or without Brexit.”

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