Poker King £2 stake is helping to lift the Triennial gloom, Project says

project poker king
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Project managing director Tony Boulton believes the Category B4, Poker King, is helping to compensate for the disappointment of the Triennial Review.


His argument is based on the ability Poker King delivers for players to stake at either £1/£100 or the higher £2/£200.

He explained: “Since its launch at EAG the feedback from the market is that the game is being consistently played at the higher £2 stake thereby filling the void left by a Triennial Review which gave the industry precious little in terms of positive change.

“We are promoting Poker King as a £200 jackpot machine and it features the same Cat C ratios that players are comfortable with. It’s satisfying the demand of the poker machine player who wants to experience his or her gaming entertainment at a higher stake.”

Project is continuing to deliver value for money gaming entertainment for the market at every price point, as Tony Boulton explained: “Although we are restricted in what we are able to offer players, we can provide them with a range of staking options across a family of products,” he confirmed.

“In terms of poker we are providing Cat C Lite as a small stake option, Cat Casamidrangeand Poker King as a higher end option. These price points are not only aimed at different player groups but they are also relevant for players who may wish to trade up or down depending on their level of discretionary spend.

“Our message to the poker player is that we can provide staking options from 20p through to £2, a proposition which lies at the heart of a flexible pricing strategy.”

Housed in Project’s new cabinet, the larger 23” screen is more in line with a higher stake, gaming entertainment experience as well as serving to differentiate Poker King from its sister products on the gaming floor.

As well as featuring a larger screen, the V23 has been ergonomically engineered with the coin mech relocated to the button deck providing players with a more comfortable and user-friendly experience.

The popularity of poker themed games was underlined in the Autumn when Project confirmed that sales had reached a three year high and that the average poker stake had increased by 14 percent year-on-year, up from 58p to 66p.


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