The new Free Play 500 – winning friends and influence

play 500 hd
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Project’s Free Play 500 is earning rave reviews following its relaunch a full nine years after the original was making a huge impact on Britain’s adult gaming centres and bingo clubs.


One of the most popular low stake gaming machines of recent times, Project responded to industry requests for an updated version of Free Play 500 which included the software flexibility to cope with any changes in technology while retaining exactly the same game play of the iconic original.

And the market seems to be responding very positively. Tony Glanville, managing director of RLMS, believes the strategy of listening to and answering the needs of the market has paid dividends.

He said: “We were one of the first to pass on what operators were telling us, namely that their customers wanted to repeat the exact playing experience of the original Free Play 500 while utilising all of the benefits of new technology such as reliable software, HD graphics and so on.

To their credit, Project resisted the temptation to tinker with the game play and the results have been outstanding.”

He added: “Essentially we have two types of Free Play customers: those that had the original and are replacing them with a £1/£2 updated version and those that are putting Free Play 500 on their game floor for the first time. We are getting fantastic feedback from both segments of our customer base.”

Project managing director, Tony Boulton, confirmed: “This is the first occasion that we have undertaken a relaunch and where we have replaced old for new, the cash box has in many instances proved better than the original.

“Operators are very keen to ensure that players have an uninterrupted gaming experience and the new technology we have used in the relaunch delivers exactly that.”

Free Play 500 HD is TiTo enabled which means the market can invest in one of the industry’s most iconic games with confidence and at a sub £4,000 price point.

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