Edutainment from Off-Road Outlander Driving School

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World of Rides is launching brand new ‘Parent & Child’ battery operated Off-Road Outlander Driving School cars for 2018, allowing operators to influence the world of children’s road safety education.


The large, twin-seat, Jungle or Jurassic style cars are fitted with a working dashboard and ignition key, fully operational seat belts, a horn, headlights, direction indicators, an accelerator and a brake pedal with brake lights, as well as having a reverse gear.

“Providing a safe, colourful, popular and very profitable new attraction to venues, Off-Road Outlander Driving School cars can be operated indoors or outdoors to edutain children by learning through fun,” said customer support manager Andrew Robinson.

The vehicles are made with sturdy, long lasting, glass fibre bodywork in a large range of original colours, with agricultural pneumatic tyres for use on short cut grass and flat unmade roads.

They can also be run on real or synthetic ice rinks, with either coin, token or remote Stop/Start control. Full safety barriers surround each vehicle, which hold 12 months H.S.E.- A.D.I.P.S. documents.

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