Mr P’s moves machines through snow for Chatham opening

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Mr P’s Classic Amusements has announced its Chatham AGC will open on 17 March, with the operator moving and installing machines into the venue during last week’s snow storm.


“The week started off as a cold one with snow falling heavily and we needed to move the first wave of machines into Chatham on the Wednesday,” owners of Mr P’s Classic Amusements, Dave and Amelia Douglas told followers on Facebook.

“Oh my days, nothing prepared us for the risks we took on Wednesday to get the job done. We went to our emergency storage (that holds around 330 of our games) to pick some of our already prepared machines.

“Gems such as OXO Revolution were selected that will be a great £25 Jackpot game with fun and excitement. Other beauties were picked, some that are very rare and early £25 era. We had a fight to get them going but they are there running now, the carpet was laid on Tuesday and the machines started filtering in Wednesday.

“There is a great mix already but room for many more and we want to pour some more old skool classics into our recipe for the best arcade.”

Douglas added some advice to operators, joking that “if you ever fancy carrying machines in the snow, then don’t”, however a few hours later, and after many wheel skids and icy slips, the first wave of machines had been installed into the new Chatham venue.

“Eventually the task was complete and we attempted the descent down the very icy terrain,” said Douglas.

“Back in 2009 we built what we believed in and how we would want an amusement arcade to be and we will always fight tooth and nail to ensure that this ethos is carried through.”

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