TouchTunes terms drive jukebox investment

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The operator-friendly business terms introduced by TouchTunes in support of the Playdium jukebox has led to an uplift in demand of almost 50 percent over six months.


The rise comes as more operators take advantage of the ability to invest in their music offering and pay for the world’s smartest jukebox from the cash box.

The terms were introduced prior to the ACOS show in October 2017.

The Playdium has helped reinforce pay to play in venue music as a central part of the entertainment offering and TouchTunes’ sales and marketing manager Toby Hoyte is confident that the combination of a ground breaking jukebox offered on groundbreaking payment terms is a winning combination.

He said: “The response to the terms that we have put together has been phenomenal and is affordable to operators of all sizes.

“Firstly, we have scrapped flat music fees and replaced them with a simple 18 percent of the cashbox. This means that operators are earning every time the jukebox is played. Deferred payment terms for purchasing Playdium have been set at £14.50/week with operators owning the Playdium after three years when the juke is fully paid for with the hardware fully paid for after three years.

“This level means that operators can quite literally pay for the market’s most advanced juke from the cashbox and one whose income is over 25 percent better than the national average. It’s a win, win proposition that the industry continues to embrace and generate income as a result.”

The TouchTunes deferred payment deal also makes the upgrade of older jukebox sites affordable which in turn means that operators of all sizes are able to benefit from Playdium’s proven capacity to earn significantly ahead of the jukebox average.

Launched in the UK in October 2016, the Playdium combines design, intuitive navigation and top end components.

A new video music option that is backwardly compatible with the current Playdium, was debuted at February’s EAG.

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