RLMS Sales: Stay ahead of the pack

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As part of Novomatic UK, the RLMS Sales range of multiplayer games features the latest licenses and greatest technologies to make them a hit in any environment.

Operators need to constantly refresh their multiplayer offering to ensure they have the very best for their players and to stay ahead of other leisure venues.

Those in the know need look no further than national distributor RLMS Sales for access to the very best games in this sector and the soundest customer advice available.

Part of Novomatic UK,RLMS Sales adopts a specialist approach to each product sector and the Cat C/D multiplayer classification is no exception.

The firm’s current portfolio of stunning multi- players come from Astra Games with Batman Begins and Elemental Dragons and from Bell-Fruit Games with the Community Emoji Money Maker and Golden Game.

With Batman Begins, Astra has combined their formidable game skills with the 2005 iteration of the Dark Knight and included all the sights and sounds of the film, creating an incredible licenced centrepiece attraction.

The company’s latest game is a battle of the elements, tame the beasts and fire the imagination with the stunning Elemental Dragons.

Golden Game was one of the most influential and iconic products in the gaming market place.

Bell-Fruit Games have reacted to customer requests and recreated the classic game with a new fresher version that befits a 21st century venue, allowing operators to give their sites the X factor with the all new Golden Game.

Completing the impressive line up is a product utilising the instantly recognisable world famous Emoji licence.

The community based Emoji Funny Money can have three, four, five or more connected cabinets and has entertaining sound effects and animations on the top screens, which brings this iconic brand to life.


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