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Coinslot - RLMS Sales tony Glanville multi-player
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Coinslot spoke to Tony Glanville, managing director at RLMS Sales about the unique customer engagement, and strong cash box returns multiplayer units can bring operators.


Coinslot: What is it about multiplayer community games that makes them so popular?

Tony Glanville: The strength of our range of multiplayers is twofold: firstly, the visual impact of a multiplayer really adds theatre to a venue and adds wow factor to any product offering.The utilisation of the very latest graphics as well as improved LED lighting techniques really gives the current range of multiplayers a simply stunning appearance that never fails to impress.

Secondly multiplayers give players the opportunity to play games together, which gives that community experience that is unique to AGC and bingo venues.

We are fortunate to have a great line-up of multiplayers, we have licensed products such as Astra’s Batman Begins and Austin Powers, we have the community multiplayer from Bell-Fruit Games Emoji Moneymaker, we have a reworking of an all-time favourite in Bell-Fruit Games Golden Game and we have the new entry fromAstra for 2018 the oriental themed Elemental Dragons.

Our aim at RLMS Sales is to have a multiplayer product available to fulfil every operator’s needs and I firmly believe our current range achieves that goal.

CS: Do you see the product sector growing? What is spurring this if so?

TG: This multiplayer sector is buoyant and at RLMS Sales we have been extremely happy with the level of sales achieved in this sector which also gives our supply partners the confidence to continue to invest R&D.

Multiplayers are a product genre which are not available in LBOs, so gives AGC and bingo operators a unique selling point which is critical in a very competitive market place. The sector is well established and operators want to retain these customers so they are injecting both new games into their venues as well as updating well established games.

CS: How important can a license be to these machines in terms of customer draw?

TG: A license that players instantly recognise gives product that all important walk up factor.Once the player is at the coal face it is the strength and depth of the game that keeps players engaged and keeps them coming back time and time again.

The Novomatic group has a great portfolio of licenses, from Batman,Austin Powers,Sherlock Holmes to Emoji.This demonstrates Novomatic’s commitment to the UK multiplayer market and the importance of continued investment in bringing great games to market supported by strong licenses.”

CS: Do you see these products performing better than stand alone units?

TG: In a multi-machine venue such as AGC’s and bingo the operator is a retailer of games and needs to cater for all tastes. The skill for the operator is to get the right blend of categories, games and machine styles so they have on offer a game to play whatever player type enters the venue. Multiplayers are a very important part of that mix.

CS: How do community games help feed back into the wider experience in a premises, be it an arcade, bingo hall etc?

TG: We have all seen first-hand the groups of players working together to trigger the community features it really adds a whole new dimension to the venue and camaraderie amongst the players.

Community and Multiplayers look good, are great to play and are unique to AGC’s and Bingo and bring players together, what more could you ask for?

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