Suzohapp in Ireland: Strong client relations weather regulatory uncertainty

Coinslot - John Vallis top redemption SuzoHapp
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John Vallis, Suzohapp’s vice-president of gaming and amusements EMEA, comments on the company’s long-standing dedication to the Irish market, and how it is poised for continued success in an uncertain regulatory climate.


Coinslot: The Irish gaming market is looking for change. How do you view it?

John Vallis: We have been active in the Irish market for many years. This is very important to highlight as we see that our customers in Ireland want to do business with people they know and trust.

Many companies have tried to make an impact in Ireland and not been successful as they have not had the personnel and focus behind their projects. Our long-standing dedication to the Irish Gaming Show is reflected,for example,in the fact that we have been exhibiting at the show there for many years.

CS: How has the last year been for your Irish operations?

JV: We have the most complete range of solutions for cash handling and payment systems. Whether for coins, notes or tickets, we have a full range of products to choose from. This applies not only to our components but also to our complete cash management solutions such as Comestero changer and Scan Coin counters/sorters.

CS: Are there any opportunities, or potential issues in the market going forward? How are you poised to respond to these?

JV: The perpetual question in Ireland reflects to potential changes in legislation. This can and will have an effect on the gaming machines placed in the Irish arcades and bars.

Whether things remain the same or one day change does come about – we have the right solutions for our customers.

CS: With EAG and ICE now concluded, how important are the regionally-focused exhibitions such as the Irish Gaming Show?

JV: Both types of show have their justification. Local shows are naturally attended by less people as they serve a specific country. We appreciate being part of such shows as it gives us the opportunity to spend more time talking to our customers there. We can then advise them exactly the products they need to remain successful with their business.

CS: What will you be highlighting at the show?

JV: Naturally we have a lot to show but we will keep our focus on certain product ranges. This includes our Competition Pro range and Billiard Pro range, Comestero change machines and coin mechs, Scan Coin counters/sorters as well as Carrillo and Bonetti Chairs. There will be plenty of reasons to come and see us in Dublin.

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