JNC Sales: Supplying an evolving market

Coinslot JNC Pushers Gary Newman
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The ever-evolving Irish market is opening up to new redemption possibilities, comments Gary Newman, sales executive at JNC Sales, and the Irish Gaming Show is the perfect time for the company to show its related portfolio.


Coinslot: From your perspective how do you assess the Irish gaming market?

Gary Newman: We’ve certainly seen a growing demand at the show for our redemption machines, perhaps a reflection of both the evolution of the amusement market in Ireland alongside JNC’s offering of used and new machines.

We are continuously speaking with our customers to gauge their reaction on the market and get their feedback on what machines they see performing well for the year.

CS: What products, or product types from JNC have been performing well in the Irish market?

GN: Our new kiddie rides have certainly performed very well, perhaps founded by the resounding success of the Go Go Pony ride a few years ago and the continued popularity of Dolphin Star, Krazy Karz and this year’s Aqua Dash.

They are kiddie rides that the market has come to trust in both performance and reliability, and are great options for a lot of sites through their strength as both a one player or two player linkable machine.

We’re also really encouraged by the early signs for JNC’s other new kiddie rides, Happy Bus, a three seater sit-in ride with an interactive dashboard, and Captain Jack, a brilliant pirate-themed boat that encourages children to shoot their mini cannons to win tickets.

CS: What will you be highlighting at the show?

GN: We’ll be encouraging people to play the Monster Smash redemption piece as it really will highlight why it has already proven so popular.

It is such as simple and transactional game to play either individually or as a group and reflects fantastic value for such a great-looking piece – especially the four player at just £4,995.

We’re also confident that people will love the small footprint of the Family Telephone mini-crane on the stand, which offers brilliant ROI as small two player piece.

We’ll also be talking to customers about our other new releases, Jungle Bowling and Fire Hero are just a few more to look out for this year, as well as the latest used machines to arrive in our warehouse.

CS: How important is it, on the back of an event like EAG, to attend a more regionally-focused show such as the Irish Gaming Show?

GN: The Irish Gaming Show gives JNC the opportunity to meet with our customers who we wouldn’t otherwise have had the chance to meet and also spend more time one on one going through our 2018 product range.

The timing of the show also means we have had a period since the EAG to reflect of additional customer feedback and early signs of machine performances.

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