Gambling Business Group host DCMS at ICE London

GBG Gambling Business Group ICE DCMS
(L-R) Beth Hiles (DCMS), Rachel Redwood (DCMS), Peter Hannibal (Gambling Business Group) Eleanor Campion (DCMS), Tim Miller (Gambling Commission) and Stephanie Wilby (DCMS)
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The Gambling Business Group spent a busy week in London batting for the UK industry in the most international arena in gaming. Hosting the DCMS during ICE, there was absolutely no doubt that Britain was at the centre of trading for the global industry, a position that GBG are determined to protect going forward.


Peter Hannibal,CEO of the influential cross-sector Gambling Business Group (GBG), has described the introduction of the Consumer Protection Zone at ICE London, as a much needed and powerful initiative.

Speaking in the week following the world’s largest gaming exhibition, an impressed Hannibal said: “I would like to congratulate Clarion Gaming’s managing director Kate Chambers and her team for putting on yet another fantastic edition of ICE London.

“The introduction of the Consumer Protection Zone was not only the right thing for Clarion to do on behalf of the industry, it was also one of the most popular areas at ExCeL. I think it was a hugely successful start and I look forward to its development and growth in ensuing years.”

The event, once again, proved a vital platform for the business group to maintain its dialogue with key stakeholders, most notably the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) which it hosted during the show.

Hannibal explained: “[ICE] was a great opportunity for GBG members, all of whom attended ICE as either exhibitors or visitors,to get to meet the people from the government department that presides over gambling in the UK and at such a critical and pivotal time for the Industry.

“The DCMS team,none of whom had previously attended ICE, were very interested in seeing the range of gaming products that are available in the UK and to talk with exhibitors in the Consumer Protection Zone.”

He continued: “I think it’s essential for the industry to work with the DCMS in order to help explain the challenges facing the industry at first hand and to demonstrate the advances that are being made in terms of social responsibility initiatives: there is no better place to achieve these objectives than at ICE London.”

And it was the work of GBG that was at the forefront of this process,as a spokesperson added: “Members of the GBG are drawn from all sectors of the offline/online gaming landscape and account for the majority of UK gross gaming yield.

“Recent initiatives have seen the GBG pioneer a cashless payment system for the UK adult gaming, pub and bingo sectors, lobby for the exclusion of low stake gaming from the Anti-Money Laundering Directive and lead the formation of The Gambling Expert Group, an affiliation of trade and regulatory bodies.”

The dialogue, as timely as it was given the status of the Triennial consultation, was certainly one that captured the interest. The DCMS delegation was given a tour of the formidable British – run expo, which ironically has its roots firmly in the traditions of the coin-op industry, having been founded, built and developed by the UK amusements industry prior to its sale to Clarion.

The rest, as they say is history; but a poignant one. From its family, tradition based roots to the biggest B2B trading expo in the world, GBG were aiming to deliver one of the most important messages to the government – Britain is open for business and given the right encouragement, can lead the world.


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