Rave reviews for Bristol’s VR Star

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VR Star, Cabot Circus, Bristol 14/12/2017 Photo by Simon Galloway Photo must carry Photographer byline; ©Simon Galloway 2017. All Rights Reserved.
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Since its launch the VR Star arcade in Bristol has received nothing but full marks from reviews and the company behind its technology is now eyeing up a grand expansion scheme.


The reviews are flooding in for Bristol’s recently opened virtual reality experience, VR Star and they are overwhelmingly positive.

The impact of websites such as TripAdvisor cannot be understated in the current climate of social media influence and the high-tech arcade has been garnering exclusively-five star ratings since its opening.

Arek Antoniak, operations manager,VR Star, told press: “We are thrilled to have received such fantastic feedback from VR Star customers.

“We opened the centre to bring families and friends together, and our amazing Immotion virtual reality platforms allow us to do this, engaging all senses so that groups can interact together in a truly immersive world.”

The premises prides itself on offering the type of immersive virtual reality experience that cannot be ascertained through the homes-based products that are becoming ever prevalent in the UK market place.

Martin Higginson, executive chairman of Immotion, whose VR experiences can be found at VR Star commented: “It is probably the largest VR centre in Europe and this is the start of a fairly big roll-out that we are planning. We’ve got some really exciting machines in there [VR Star].”

Virtual reality solutions are becoming ever more prevalent in the UK amusements industry and the form seems to be comfortably clearing the consumer uptake hurdles that can often harm the introduction of new technologies into the marketplace.

Higginson echoed this positive outlook and highlighted the grand plans already in place at Immotion: “If this is a success, which I am sure it will be, certainly by the footfall we have had today then we will hopefully be launching sites in London and then roll out to Los Angeles, Dubai and a few other cities around the world.”

Whilst reviews for VR Star are already incredibly positive, with much praise being lavished upon both the graphical prowess and breadth of the interactive experiences, Higginson remarked that there is work continuing to improve Immotion’s offering at the site and establish it as a one-of-a-kind attraction.

“So far we have invested a few million pounds into developing everything, with probably a few hundred thousand pounds going into this site here,” he said.

“It really is a truly immersive experience. If you have ever experienced VR at home, then I think forget all of that and come down to VR Star and really experience it first hand.”


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