Music festival planned for Mannings Amusements

Coinslot - Charles Manning Amusement Park Felixstowe music
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Mannings Amusements in Felixstowe is to add the sound of music to its offering, with the establishing of a year-round venue and summer festival.


There is soon to be music ringing down the front at Felixstowe as owners of Mannings Amusements have revealed plans to establish an all-year-round music venue at the site, and even hold its own festival.

The seafront-situated Copas Bar at the very front of Mannings Amusement park has already hosted a number of musical acts, but owners want to elevate the status of the venue even higher.

Owner Charles Manning said: “We want the Copas Bar to be the go-to place for live entertainment in Felixstowe, with live bands and themed nights including funk and soul.

“We want there to be live entertainment in the venue all year round, and private ticket events too.We are already planning the line-up of acts through March.”

Reflecting the commitment to goodwill prevalent within the UK amusement industry, it has been announced by owners that each month a different local charity will be supported, with money raised this February going to East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices.

The plans don’t stop there,as looking ahead to the summer season Manning revealed that there are currently plans in the works to host the first ever festival at the Mannings Amusement site, in association with Copas Bar.

“Beach Fest will be over Star Wars Bank Holiday weekend – starting on May 4, with live music on the Friday and Saturday. The plan is to have a range of live music through the day and the evenings, with family entertainment during the day. Then, later on, we will have a ‘silent disco’ – with people with wearing headphones – so as not to annoy our neighbours,” commented Manning.

“We are already talking to organisers about the event. This is an entertainment centre and we have the staff and expertise to run the festival. It is a secure site and it will be a ticket only event.

“We are really excited. This really is a first for Felixstowe and another big attraction for the town. Felixstowe really is on the up-and-up as a destination.”

The work at Mannings follows on from tourism leaders in Suffolk announcing a plan to draw a younger, higher-spending demographic to the area, and establish it as a premier leisure destination.

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