ACOS confirms permanent switch to Olympia

Olympia ACOS events
ACOS is to be held at Olympia London
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The autumn exhibition slot has always been a prized one for the British amusements sector. Having a venue of stature to support it, however, has always been the missing element. That problem has now been resolved with ACOS finding a stately new home.


The Autumn Coin-Op Show has confirmed its permanent switch to Olympia London, with the event taking up its new residency for the 2018 edition on 3-4 October.

Olympia, which has well established roots in the history of coin-op exhibitions, hosted ACOS four months ago following an emergency move when the show’s publicised venue Chelsea FC sustained fire damage. After a successful and hastily arranged transfer up the road, ACOS organisers have decided to stay at the famous London venue “after an overwhelmingly positive response from exhibitors and visitors.”

The 2018 event will be held in one hall of Olympia. Organiser Karen Cooke explained: “This year we’ve been able to secure a single hall which means that the show will have a better flow; everyone will be together and we’ll have a central bar which will be great for networking.

“With its emphasis on doing business in a relaxed environment, ACOS has become a wellloved industry event,” she added. “We believe that the new location will allow us to adopt a similar layout to that which was so successful at Chelsea, thereby preserving the show’s unique character.”

In her despatch to exhibitors, Cooke confirmed that the move to Olympia “will also alleviate the problem which was going to arise in the next few years with the redevelopment of the Chelsea football club.”

The announcement of ACOS’ Olympia tenancy comes just a week after EAG, coin-op’s flagship business show, which, too, was the subject of conversations among exhibitors of a possible revamp in terms of scheduling and location. Having taken an unfortunate but inevitable hit due to the uncertainty arising from the timings of the government’s triennial consultation, there were figures who were clearly excited at the prospect of the trade association refreshing the premier expo’s offering.

With Bacta unlikely to rest on its laurels, its EAG show primed for a spruce up, the ever popular cycle of regional shows on the horizon, and an ACOS housed in the popular Olympia hall, the next 12 months could look much brighter for coin-op’s vitally important trading posts.

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