Go your own way: How JayBox are giving jukebox operators more control

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Ten years into the market and JayBox is sticking to its twin strategies of standing out from competitors and listening to customers. For 2018, the company is introducing software that will allow for more flexibility in their jukeboxes – satisfying both business ideals.


JayBox, a touch-screen digital jukebox manufacturer, will be rolling out new upgrades over the coming months that aim to drastically alter how operators handle their jukebox set-ups – and set a new precedent in the market.

Operators with the company’s jukeboxes will find themselves with more scope to change backend settings thanks to a new software update and the launch of a new Live Access website.

“With this new software, operators will be able to do a lot more with their jukeboxes,” Jamie Barnett, JayBox’s sales director, told Coinslot.

The company hopes that these changes will give operators added flexibility and control in their JayBox jukeboxes by allowing them to make changes to backend settings remotely.

Barnett said: “Currently, people can view data from the box but they’ve not been able to change it.

“Whereas the new Live Access website will allow operators to change price of play, change the background music settings and set up music playlists, and more.

“It will give huge functionality to operators, and, crucially, allow us to expand more on that functionality.”

What’s more, the new software and website update will cover all Jaybox jukeboxes, Barnett insisted.

“We believe in getting maximum value and maximum life out of our products. Just because it’s not a certain model doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be able to get the latest software.”

Throughout the company’s history, JayBox have always recognised the need to stand out from the competition and build strong customers relationships. The upgrades were borne from these two pillars of their business ethos.

“When we came into the market, we did a lot of things that our competitors didn’t do, but now they’ve caught up with us to some extent.

“So we spent a lot of time developing the backend, and we found that the software language prohibited a lot of things that we wanted to do.

“That meant going back to the drawing board. And as a result, we started re-writing that software from the ground up in a new and more flexible language.

“Hopefully that gives us a lot more power to quickly introduce features and changes that we previously didn’t have.”

Indeed, that added power allows JayBox to satisfy their customer base, Barnett added.

“We made a point very early on to make sure that the relationship with our customers is a two-way thing. So if they’ve got ideas for us to improve on the box, we can try to incorporate those ideas.

“But obviously as the software and hardware got more complex, it became harder to adapt. So with this new slate, we’re now in a position to do a lot of things we’ve been asked by customers to do.

“It will also mean that they do not need to get an engineer to make the changes that they want, thus easing that burden and saving on costs.”

Emphasising on how functionality breeds functionality, Barnett concluded: “Hopefully over the next year there will be a lot more we can add to that as well.”

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