Playdium’s new video music option to be unveiled

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Quality is the consistent theme which underlines the popularity of the TouchTunes Playdium, a product that is rapidly establishing a reputation amongst operators, venues and end-users alike for being the industry’s jukebox of choice.


Launched in the UK little more than a year ago, the Playdium combines sleek design with intuitive navigation, top end components and a market leading mobile App.

EAG will see the launch of a new video music option that is backwardly compatible with the current Playdium. Looking ahead, commercial director, James Luck believes the App is an absolutely essential part of the operator’s armoury.

He said: “The App gives the user total control, enabling him/her to take on the role of DJ and play the jukebox from their phone.”

“In the US the App has recorded an incredible six million registered users, with new sign-ups averaging 25,000 a week. The broader marketing opportunities presented by the App and the data it generates are of huge significance. It transforms the jukebox into a dynamic and powerful marketing tool.”

Focussing on the new video music option, which remains very popular in specialist venues and can generate superb revenues, he confirmed: “The system is built for full HD installs: so as long as the video was originally in HD the quality of the clips are on a par with SKY sports HD.

The video player connects independently to the Playdium which allows real flexibility for operators when installing and removing while still maintaining the original jukebox on the wall.”

Luck believes the market is hungry for a more contemporary music experience.

He argued: “We’ve been very pleased with the last 15 months following what was a three-way initiative undertaken by Touch- Tunes, Soundnet and Sound Leisure. We set out to rejuvenate the jukebox sector and whilst this is a long journey, we’ve moved a fair way down the tracks.”

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