Mediatheme launch app for entertainment management

phone app mediatheme
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Touch screen entertainment specialists Mediatheme has launched an app to manage pub, club and hotel entertainment.


The Pronto app is available on both Apple and Android platforms, and allows quiz participation anywhere The Entertainer (a Mediatheme entertainment system) is installed.

Location enabled, with instant updates and full-service support, the app can be used for individual or team participation. It will also be available for multi-venue leagues and communities.

“There’s no doubt Pronto is the quiz future for pubs, campuses and venues,” Mediatheme head of corporate development Bina Sitaram said.

The Entertainer touch screen entertainment system is a business tool that provides the hospitality, leisure and holiday sectors with information and entertainment for customers.

Sitaram added: “The system has changed the way venue and site entertainment is managed, providing the ability to plan entertainment and increase revenue. Pronto takes that ability to manage in-house entertainment cost effective and efficiently, to a new level.”


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