Karen Cooke: The tech at EAG & VAE to be ‘cutting-edge’

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It’s all down to the EAG Expo next week as the industry assembles for its most important business outing of the year.

Organiser Karen Cooke, a veteran of industry trade exhibitions, talks to Coinslot about the development of the Bacta flagship event, and why this year, more than any other, it’s a show not to miss.

How has EAG evolved over the years to incorporate a wider range of companies involved in the amusements industry?

Karen Cooke: There is no doubt that throughout the last nine years EAG International and VAE has evolved to appeal to exhibitors and visitors from a wider leisure community.

The launch of the co-joined Visitor Attraction Expo was a milestone for the show but actually reflects an underlying trend in the out-of-home leisure and entertainment sectors. As the competition for leisure spend increases, operators are becoming increasingly inventive, borrowing ideas from other sectors of the industry and, increasingly, developing mixed- use facilities.

We also have to consider that there are new exhibitors in the field of management information systems and cashless solutions and that some of the technologies being showcased at EAG & VAE are cutting-edge and didn’t exist a few years ago.

How has the seminar program progressed over the years to ensure that the ‘hot topics’ of the year will be discussed?

KC: The seminar programme is developed by Bacta with input from other stakeholders, so current affairs are never far from the agenda.

How else do you expect this year’s show to improve on last year?

KC: This year we have 18 new exhibitors, of which around half are overseas companies,endorsing EAG & VAE’s international perspective.


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Bulldog – Hamster’s Ball LB