Kossway provide plaudits for Playdium

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Playdium, the game changing jukebox launched by Touch- Tunes in the UK last year, is having a positive impact on the fortunes of the country’s members’ clubs according to the latest feedback from leading operator Kossway.


Rob Hill at Kossway believes the Playdium has raised the bar in terms of both the role of pay- to-play music within members’ clubs and the impact it is having on cash box income.

Rob told Coinslot: “Over the past few months we have replaced a number of older jukeboxes in our social clubs with the Playdium.

“The clubs have been delighted with the overall performance of this new jukebox. Their customers have enjoyed both the vast choice of music and general ease of use. The change has, in many cases resulted in a much improved cash box.”

Commenting on the feed- back, James Luck, commercial director at Soundnet, said: “As everyone in the industry will agree the only measure of success that really matters is the cash box and I’m delighted to confirm that the uplifts reported by Rob are being experienced by clubs, pubs and other entertainment venues where the Playdium is sited throughout the country.

“All of the indicators suggest this trend will continue as the TouchTunes App, the world’s most effective jukebox App, attracts more customers to the Playdium and enhances the status of pay-to-play music as part of the contemporary digital entertainment mix.”

He added: “We are making the Playdium available on ground breaking terms which make it affordable to operators of all sizes. Under the terms of the plan, operators pay just £14.50/week with no flat music fees, instead they pay a simple 18 percent of the cashbox.

“Operators only pay based on the income of the jukebox, nothing more, and after three years the Playdium is fully paid for. Our deferred payment deal makes the upgrade of older, less lucrative jukebox sites straightforward and very affordable.

“It also means that operators of all sizes and budgets are able to benefit from Playdium’s earning potential which is close to 25 percent above the jukebox average.”

Playdium delivers a smarter music experience by actually learning from the music being selected in a venue and then refining the user offer and experience over time to better match what customers want to hear.

This means that the home screen content, artist pages, playlists and even search results dynamically change based on the music history of the jukebox, delivering a relevant entertainment experience.


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