Project to launch of B3 and Cat C compendiums for EAG

project b4 poker king
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Project has confirmed that it will be using January’s EAG as the platform to unveil two compendium’s housed in the company’s new V23 cabinet.


The compendiums comprise the 27 game B3, Monte Carlo and 5 Star Games, an 11 game Category C offering.

Explaining Project’s latest game developments debuting at EAG, managing director Tony Boulton said: “Delivering player choice is at the very top of our agenda as the domestic industry looks forward to its showcase event at ExCeL.

“The B3 Monte Carlo and the Cat C, 5 Star Games are the first compendiums to be housed in our V23 cabi- net which delivers an enhanced gaming experience courtesy of twin 23” screens and an ergonomically designed player interface.”

The clean design and high play appeal aesthetics are identical for both machines with Project committed to the delivery of a premium playing experience irrespective of stake and prize.

Boulton stated: “We are extremely serious about delivering a consistently positive experience across stake and prize levels and have ensured the same high level attention to detail and use of identical materials.

“Both compendiums feature new games for 2018 and include options to play the industry’s most popular poker based games which are recognised as being a hallmark of the Project brand.”

He added: “The compendium format on 5 star games enables operators to introduce poker in venues where the genre may not have the volume of players to justify a stand alone poker machine as well as providing a cost-effective opportunity to build a poker following within the existing player base.”

Both compendiums have been configured to provide players with simple and straightforward access to their preferred games whilst also delivering the key ingredients of choice and variety.


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