Project offers gaming entertainment at every price point

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Project, which has earned a reputation for being the domestic industry’s poker specialists, has underlined its commitment to deliver value for money gaming entertainment for the market at every price point.


Taking its lead from high street retailers, Project has added a new price point, the £1/£100 and £2/£200 Poker King to a portfolio of poker products which also include Cat C and Cat C Lite games.

Explaining the development strategy, Project managing director Tony Boulton said: “I think it is easy to forget that players have a life outside of the AGC or bingo club and as consumers they shop around for and are offered products at different price points.

Although as providers of gaming entertainment we are restricted in what we are able to offer players, we can provide them with a range of staking options across a family of products.

“Our approach to poker has been to provide Cat C Lite as a small stake option, Cat C as a mid range and Poker King which we are promoting as a £200 jackpot machine, as a higher end option.

These price points are not only aimed at different player groups but they are also relevant for players who may wish to trade up or down pending on their level of discretionary spend which can vary from week to week and month to month.

Our message to the poker player is that we can provide staking options from 20p through to £2, a proposition which lies at the heart of a flexible pricing offering.”

Poker King, which will be officially unveiled at January’s EAG, is the first game to be housed in Project’s V23 cabinet.

Featuring a 23” screen which is more in keeping with a higher stake gaming experience, the V23 has been ergonomically engineered to deliver a more comfortable gaming experience.


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