GBG pioneers contactless solution for gaming in pubs

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If the gaming industry is to keep pace with player behaviour, then contactless payment is crucial.


From buying a bottle of water to everyday lifestyle activities, the new generation of players know nothing other than contactless – all the more reason to open this innovation up to the industry.

The Gambling Business Group has pioneered a solution for gaming in pubs, a contactless option that could open the door to the contemporary marketplace.


The Gambling Business Group (GBG) is reporting on a major breakthrough that paves the way for the introduction of contactless play for Category C gaming in pubs. This development provides a much needed boost for the on-trade which relies on machine income as well as the gaming machine supply chain.

The GBG, in partnership with partners active in the Payment Card Industry, has confirmed that a recent Visa and Mastercard determination means that there are no restrictions on how winnings are handled by a gaming machine that funds play from notes, coins and tickets that have been purchased with a debit card.

Peter Hannibal, chief executive of the GBG, said: “There has been the assumption that existing revaluation rules requiring winnings to be returned to the bank account used to fund game play would apply to gaming machines: this assumption placed difficult and impracticable barriers for land based gaming operators.

“Visa and Mastercard have now accepted that the rules which were originally put in place for the online gaming industry, would be difficult to enforce for land-based machines where game play is funded by cash as well as tickets purchased using a debit card.”

He added: “This is a significant development as chip and pin hardware is no longer required thereby avoiding substantial additional costs and minimising the operational impact. This is of particular significance for pub retailers who are now able to use cost effective Ticket Purchase Kiosks whilst continuing to pay gaming machine winnings in the form of notes and coins.

With the DCMS currently showing little appetite for removing the prohibition of debit card transactions on gaming machines, this is excellent news for the survival of machines in pubs.

“We recently completed the development of a cashless payment system designed for the UK AGC and bingo sectors and I’m delighted that we have achieved this significant breakthrough for pubs. We have already had some important discussions with a number of pub companies and the prospects are highly encouraging.”

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