Playdium: A real game changer

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A game changing physical installation coupled with a future-proof mobile app has brought the Playdium jukebox to a best-in-market position that is set to only grow stronger in years to come, comments Toby Hoyte, TouchTunes’ sales and marketing manager.


Coinslot: It’s just over a year since you launched Playdium in the UK, what has the response been?

Toby Hoyte: I think the important point for readers to appreciate is that the Playdium isn’t just a new jukebox. With the ‘no fixed music fee’ business model, it is a real game changer.

Operators pay just 18 percent of income.This is fair and transparent. It allows operators to put the best jukebox in the world in pretty much any site. It is low cost and low risk. Customers have been asking for a fairer music charge for years. With Playdium we have given them it.

But it took some months for some customers to really understand the benefits.But in the last six months we have sold hundreds of Playdiums. Things are looking good. Momentum is with us and I’m looking forward to the next industry showpiece at EAG in January.

CS: How important is the App to the cash box?

TH: We estimate that by 2019,20 per- cent of Playdium’s cash box income in the UK will be derived from the TouchTunes App – so it’s absolutely key. The TouchTunes mobile App makes Playdium the jukebox not just for today’s consumer but also for the consumer of tomorrow.

Whatever jukebox operators invest in now must have a reliable and easy to use App. The Playdium offers the best on the market – the usage in America is proof of that. The UK version has been adjusted slightly but in essence it is the same App as is being used millions of times each week on the other side of the Atlantic. Furthermore, App income is quite often derived from new users so it’s a win win situation.

Our App gives the user total control, enabling them to select and pay for songs on the jukebox from their phones. We will soon begin working with our customers to ensure the App is marketed on site with the design and supply of branded POS packs.

CS: Does the apparent coming of age for digital gaming products in pubs bring any benefits?

TH: The success of digital AWPs has led the market to explore the revenue opportunities that exist with complementary, technology driven products such as the jukebox.

Operators who have invested in new AWPs are looking to secure the top earning digital gaming sites by adding the Playdium to their retailer offer. Successful operators are updating their music offer in the knowledge that many sites have been won and lost because of the jukebox. Fantastic products feed off one another.

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