TouchTunes App is building income states Leisureplay MD

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Income derived from the TouchTunes App is beginning to exceed that of coinage, according to the feedback from one of the country’s leading specialist jukebox operators.


Marc Bird, managing director of Leisure- play, confirmed: “When we first heard about the TouchTunes App we thought it would have niche applications in venues which had smoking areas or those which wanted a secondary unit.

“The fact is it’s working across a wide range of establishments including those with just a single room. The App is not just a nice thing to have: it’s an important income generator and the gap between App income and coinage is getting smaller and in at least one venue it repre- sents the primary source of income.”

In terms of the Apps stand-out features, Bird is clear that simplicity is the key. “People are comfortable using Apps but the important driver for the TouchTunes App is the simplicity of use” he said.

“Anything that helps customers find the music they want simply and quickly is going to drive income.”

The TouchTunes App also boasts a number of stand out features as Bird explained: “Players are able to cross reference what’s on the jukebox with what’s on their phone and can create their own playlists. You can also enter your mobile number to the Playdium and it will send an SMS link direct to the phone.

“I’ve been pleasantly surprised at some of the sites where the App has performed well and even some of the venues themselves have been proved wrong. It’s not a case of it working just in trendy pubs it’s social clubs as well. This is the way that people now access their music and using the App is second nature.”

“TouchTunes’ marketing and p-o-s materials promoting the App have had a positive impact and I can only see the App getting more and more important.”


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