RLMS offers £100 Casino as kit or complete machine

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RLMS Sales has turned the spotlight this week on £100 Casino, a new and innovative offering that delivers a variety of game styles in one convenient and cost-effective package.


Produced in conjunction with FatCat Softworks, the creator of the highly successful Retro Arcade, £100 Casino delivers Cat C, SWP and tournament games and is compatible with any Paragon or Open cabinets.

According to RLMS, operators can either purchase the product as a kit to be installed by them or as a complete machine ready to plug in and go.

It will come with a suite of popular Cat C titles, SWP games and tournament offerings including Tri Towers, and includes a lifetime game card. All games can be accessed directly by the player and it has the capacity to run up to six tournaments simultaneously.

Karen Sarosi, territory sales manager at RLMS, explained: “We know that there is a significant number of Paragon and Open cabinets currently lying fallow off-site that have the potential to be put to great use. All they need is a competitively priced, strong selection of games to make them viable again.

“£100 Casino offers the perfect solution. In kit form, it will help operators revitalise their off-site stock and, importantly, give them a new and entertaining product offering for their customers.”

She added: “We have worked hard with FatCat Softworks to ensure that £100 Casino delivers choice and flexibility for both operator and player. From an operator perspective, the selection of games and the ability to run up to six tournaments at once make this a fantastic addition to their locations.

“As for the players; they’ll be spoiled for choice with a package that includes some of the most compelling gaming and non-gaming content currently available.”


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