RLMS: Pusher popularity shows no sign of waning

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With the summer season over and eyes now firmly fixed forward, Tony Glanville, managing director at RLMS Sales, sheds light on the perennially popular pusher market and how the company is still innovating in a sector that has been a British mainstay for more than half a century.


Coinslot: From your perspective, how have coin pushers performed in the market over the summer just gone?

Tony Glanville: The feedback that we have received from the market is that pushers remain the cornerstone of the coastal operators product offering. We have seen pusher developments move with the times and now pushers are also a key product in the operator’s redemption offering with the majority of operators now looking to enhance their pushers with not only dressing the beds with prizes but the addition of features that allow players to win redemption tickets. The addition of redemption takes the traditional pusher to a new level and their popularity shows no sign of waning.

CS: Are there any particular standout products in the RLMS portfolio?

TG: The revelation for RLMS Sales this year has been Birthday Blasters Tik Kit system that allows operators to upgrade their existing straight bed pusher offering to be able to offer a themed redemption ticket payout feature. There are three themes available for the redemption

ticket pay out feature and to ensure the maximum impact operators have the opportunity to brand the entire pusher the same as the feature with a further sticker kit. This provides a total face lift for the pusher at a fraction of the cost of a new unit. We supplied a number of Tik Kits to a national operator who added the feature and the full branding kit to a number of pushers on their estate and they were so delighted with the uplift in performance and have made a number of repeat purchases.

CS: What is it about pushers that make them so endearingly popular for customers, and profitable for operators?

TG: When you think of the coast you think of pushers, they have been around for more than 50 years since the introduction of Cromptons Wheel-A-Win in 1963!They were a centre piece attraction then and and they remain so to this day with a significant amount of floor piece given over to this enduring family favourite.

They offer great fun and value for money entertainment to young and old, male and female. Who can resist the appeal of all those 2p’s teetering on the edge, just one more push and I’m a winner. Walk into an arcade in peak season and it’s not unusual to see every playing position in use, it’s a high activity product which creates a terrific atmosphere in the arcade. For the operator it is an art form setting up the pusher to be appealing to the player whilst ensuring that the product is profitable and delivering on the bottom line. I have a great admiration for the operator and their skill in setting up and dressing the pushers to make them so appealing on the eye to the thousands of visitors who visit our great British seaside every year that makes them the must play product that it is.

CS: Are you able to shed any light on any new products or innovations from RLMS going into 2018?

TG: We are looking forward to EAG 2018 and being able to exhibit a fantastic line up of new products both gaming and non-gaming from our supply partners that will give operators a great opportunity to refresh their offerings and ensure they have the very best range of products on their arcade floors ready for the 2018 season.


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