JNC Sales: Arcade classics, great prices

Coinslot JNC Sales Scooby Doo Pusher
RLMS Sales LB Hot Slotto 500


It’s been another busy year for JNC Sales on the pusher front as thoughts turn to 2018’s latest offerings. Fortunately their warehouse is still host to a wide variety of brilliant new and used pushers, from new releases to used classics.


Sales executive Reece Newman highlights the JNC offering: “The Scooby Doo pusher range (10pl straight, 4pl wall, 8pl round) has performed really well this year, which has been really pleasing as there was a lot of time developing its design and its additional features subsequent to the previous year’s Justice League pusher. The centre lose-hole across the Scooby Doo pushers are now evident in a lot of today’s modern pushers and a lot of sites have benefitted from the traditional family-centric theme of Scooby Doo. ”

Also available are more recent offerings from Harry Levy such as It’s a Cracker twelve player straight (£7,995), Snakes and Ladders eight player round (£7,995) and Clown Around (£5,995). These feature alongside other family seaside hits including Salsa eight player round (£995), Seaside Special eight player straight (£2,995) and the Carousel three wall pusher from Cromptons (£1,995).

Typically most popular with private customers in recent years, there has also been an increase in the demand of single player pushers, as many arcades have now established the benefit of having a smaller pusher on-site to fill gaps whilst retaining earnings. Popular machines such as Elvis 1pl (10p play) and Pacman Ball (2p play), which were previously £1,495 each, are now just £995 each as part of JNC’s End of Season Sale.

RLMS Sales LB Hot Slotto 500