UKinbound welcomes government APD freeze in budget  

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Following yesterday’s budget announcement, UKinbound has welcomed the chancellor’s decision to freeze air passenger duty (APD) on short and long-haul economy flights.


However, the group are now calling for the impending review on the impact of the duty and VAT on tourism in Northern Ireland to be expanded to the whole of the UK.

UKinbound chief executive officer Deirdre Wells OBE said: “It’s encouraging to hear APD feature on the Government’s agenda and that this tax on trade will be frozen on all short-haul and long-haul economy flights.

“We’re also pleased to hear that a review will be undertaken regarding the impact of APD and VAT on tourism in Northern Ireland.

“However, APD’s detrimental effect on businesses across England, Scotland and Wales should also be investigated. The Government’s commitment to a Brexit ready Britain will be undermined if the review does not cover all four corners of the UK.”


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