Embed’s wristbands dubbed a “success” by Central Park Fun-Land

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The owners of Central Park Funland in Virginia, US, have reported a drop in theft since the introduction of Embed’s Playwave™ RFID-enabled wristbands for guests.


The wristbands allow for guests to enjoy access to all games and attractions at the park.

Central Park Fun-Land features over 20 rides and attractions including laser tag, go-karts, miniature golf, along with a sizeable arcade with over 100 video, ticket and prize games, all of which can be used via the wristbands.

The park also offers a Season Pass powered by CenterEdge with VIP cards that can be used as a photo ID.

“Since switching to Embed/CenterEdge and offering wristbands, we’ve seen a variety of benefits,” general manager Clint Novak said.

“The system has cut down on theft, and is extremely popular with guests. They like not having to carry anything extra with them, and are actually surprised to learn that there’s a chip inside the lightweight wristbands. In fact, they’re so popular we go through roughly 500 wristbands in a typical weekend.”

Embed’s director of sales Matthew Harrison added: “Our wristbands are a perfect fit for venues like Central Park Fun-Land, and we’re pleased they’re having so much success with them.

“We have a great range of reusable silicone and single-use Tyvek wristbands that are very competitively priced. All types of Playwave™ wristbands and media can be used on our smartTouch readers and offer operators real sales opportunities and flexibility when used alongside traditional magnetic cards.”

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