Bacta officials gather for crucial autumn assemblies

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Bacta has begun a busy week in which the association will convene for a number of key meetings ahead of, presumably, the imminent Triennial Review on gambling.


The schedule opens with a bacta Management Committee conference call, followed six days later by a national council meeting where the key elected figures will assemble in London, timed perfectly to coincide with the opening day of the networking platform at the ACOS expo.

The meetings come at a crucial time, with both regulatory and operational issues impacting the industry this month – another new bank note is due for launch and a not so triennial Triennial Review could soon be waiting in the wings.

Also expected on bacta’s subject list will be an update on the association’s work at the party conferences, and the launch of their latest publication – ‘The serious business of fun’ – an impressive report on the activities and contribution of the coin-op amusements industry.


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