An estimated 13 million Brits are turning their back on the high street

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UK adults are turning en masse to online platforms and shunning high street businesses, new research by LetBritain reveals.


An independent, nationally-representative survey of 2,000 UK adults commissioned by the virtual letting agency LetBritain has revealed mass consumer discontent with businesses failing to embrace digital disruption, with over half (51 percent) regularly going online to buy the vast majority of products and services they use.

Additionally, 45 percent favour online services over ones that require them to go into a physical premise, and 29 percent actively avoid those businesses that do not offer an online service.

Fareed Nabir, CEO of LetBritain said: “Over the past decade, online solutions have drastically transformed the way we  conduct business. Today’s research clearly shows that consumers not only expect but now demand that companies  provide their services online.”

Across UK industries, the rise of digital solutions is enhancing the accessibility, transparency and quality of services available to consumers.

In response, the majority of respondents (57 percent) believe that businesses without an online presence or that require a significant amount of offline communication will be replaced by online-only or app-based alternatives within the next ten years – equating to nearly 30 million UK adults.

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