It’s not all over for Dover Banksy

Coinslot - Banksy Brexit Art Goddens
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The giant Brexit-themed Banksy piece of art on the side of the former Castle Amusements in Dover has grown to be a point as contentious as the monumental vote itself, with building owners and local residents finding themselves in opposition on its future.


It is understood that the Godden family of Folkestone, proprietors of the premises which the piece adorns have been exploring options for the removal, or sale, of the art- work.

However, Charlie Elphicke MP is fighting to keep the Banksy where it is, and has found that it may be able to be preserved through standard council planning powers.

He was told by Historic England’s planning director, Dr Andrew Brown, that Dover District Council “has powers to safeguard the mural through normal development control measures”.

Elphicke said: “This is great news. We now know the council can save the Banksy after all – whether that’s through retrospective permission, stop notices, new planning applications, or other control measures.”

“I have passed this information to the council and urged them to do the right thing,” he added.

The MP launched a campaign in June for the piece’s protection, and local councilors have resoundingly agreed that it should be protected as a matter of urgency, but did not reach a wholesale decision as to where, or in what form.

However, Elphick has remained headstrong in his latest endeavour to ensure its current location and commented: “It’s a massive draw for visitors to Dover and we need to make it the centrepiece of any new development.

“Dover is the Banksy’s rightful home.To demolish it would be a crime against culture.”


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