Bank holiday cause for celebration among UK arcade operators

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August bank holiday is always a busy time of year for arcades and amusement parks up and down the country but this year’s brilliant weather caused a surge in customers no operator could have accounted for.


With temperatures reaching up to 27 degrees Celsius along the Southern coast of England on Sunday, the highest temperature for a UK bank holiday was then broken on Monday with Holbeach in Southern Lincolnshire recording 28.2 degrees at one point.

“We actually had to close our retractable roof a couple of times over the weekend to give people some shade it was so hot,” said Louise Parkin, manager of Burnham-on-Sea’s pavilion pier.

“It’s good for business though. We did exceptionally good on the kids’ rides,” she added.

It seems that the good weather was also particularly profitable for coin pushers with people coming off local beaches or leaving parks looking to use the shrapnel left in their pockets.

“It’s predominantly the two penny pushers that attract people and bring them in. We’ve got good prizes but the weather, mascots and our cafe helps get people to the site and then the coin pushers bring people in,” said Lee Stefani, owner of Harbour Lights Amusements in Fleetwood.

These are not the only machines bringing in customers though. Sean Patrick, owner of Harbour Amusements in Cornwall, said a game that unifies different generations is going a long way to increase footfall.

“One new machine we bought that has been very popular is a giant space invader. It’s doing phenomenally well, I think because it appeals to my generation and a younger generation and everyone in between,” he said.

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