Northern Leisure’s Kiddy Rides lead the way in licensed rides

Coinslot - Kiddy Rides PawPatrol
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Coin-operated children’s ride specialists Kiddy Rides, a trading division of Northern Leisure Group, is creating a buzz within the industry with the launch of their eagerly anticipated Chase ride, based on the character from the popular PAWPatrol series.


Following the success the company is currently experiencing with its first officially licensed PAWPatrol ride Marshall, Kiddy Rides is set to launch its second ride from the Nickelodeon brand in the form of Chase. The character is the show’s German shepherd police pup who drives a police cruiser vehicle which the ride design is based upon.

The ride has a great presence, both bold and attractive, and featuring an eye-catching display of flashing LEDs. The three dimensional character sits in the rear of the ride leaving more room in the cockpit area to fit up to two children, where they also sit alongside a two dimensional representation of the show’s Skye character.

There are multiple pushbutton sounds, a steering wheel and an array of emergency style flashing lights along with the shows catchy theme tune, which is played throughout the ride cycle.

The ride is manufactured in the UK using market-leading components and brands which are tried, tested, and proven to ensure reliability and safety, a trait of any Kiddy Rides product. The main body is produced in high quality lead-free gel-coat ensuring a long lasting durable finish. As with the previously released Marshall ride, easy access to all components and accessories has been kept in mind when designing the new machine to ensure undemanding maintenance and service for the operator.

Later this year, Kiddy Rides is also set to launch a new Peppa Pig ride. The ride is currently in development and the company is hoping to have the machine ready to launch at the EAG Expo, London in January 2018.

“Peppa Pig is an evergreen brand which is popular throughout the world,” states Gareth Jones, Northern Leisure’s production manager. “Since we launched our first Peppa Pig car in 2010 we’ve had constant demand for the rides. The brand has an active licensing plan and brand new episodes beginning to air on TV which will run beyond 2022, making it the ideal time to refresh our range of official Peppa Pig licensed rides.”

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