Coleman discusses bright future for evolving market sector

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Having built on historically solid performances with technological innovations and licence acquisitions, the kiddie ride market is not one to be underestimated for profitability, comments Sam Coleman, sales executive at JNC Sales.


Kiddie rides are a classic feature of arcades all the way to shopping centres, and this proliferation of placement is for good reason. Vibrancy, accessibility, and familiarity all result in such units rewarding operators with steady cash box returns, and increased customer engagement.

Synonymous with the quintessential British holiday, the allure of these leisure cornerstones shows little signs of slowing down, commented Coleman.

“For years we have seen kiddie rides positioned at the front of these sites to attract customers and this attitude has been exaggerated with newer, brighter pieces such as Krazy Karz and Go Go Pony,” he said.

Whilst the popularity of kiddie rides is a classic one, it is far from a market segment that is resting on its figurative laurels. Constant consideration of demographic wants, and licensing trends by all aspects of the supply chain mean that while the basic principles may be the same as ever, units now feature up-to-date technologies and characters, ensuring repeat custom.

Coleman said: “Today’s more interactive kiddie rides remain as popular as ever, with arcades recognising the financial and cultural importance of having machines that keep families entertained for longer on-site.”

He added: “The kiddie ride market has continued to perform well this year, with JNC selling a strong mixture of new and used machines, from brand new pieces like Krazy Karz to used machines such as Tweenies and Sooty.”

In a market as astute as the coin operated one, the ability for distributors to refurbish machines, and further stock a wide range of used units is essential. Stocking workshopped units to appeal to the savviest of operators can pay just as much dividends as a warehouse full of the latest models. Such is a point of pride for JNC, said Coleman.

“JNC take pride in taking used kiddie rides and workshopping them for customers. With used rides such as Rocking Helmet, Bob the Builder Rollie and Cogan Roadster currently in stock, we have a very strong range of used machines that reflect excellent value for money for customers both in the UK and internationally. We also have the ability to trade-in machines against items to help customers keep finances (and logistics.) as low as possible.”

He added that the offering of such a service has also driven growth in markets outside of the company’s native United Kingdom.

“The used kiddie rides remain popular for international customers, where we have recently seen bigger pieces such as carousel in our workshop, alongside other popular kiddie-focussed redemption items such as Hopping Road and Ice Age.

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