Family Telephone box stands out this summer

Coinslot - JNC Sales Family Telephone Box
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One of standout machines so far this summer at the JNC Sales warehouse has certainly been the Family Telephone Box crane, a two player unit designed with family gameplay at the top of its phonebook.


Smaller in footprint and height than its single player predecessor, the Family Telephone Box provides sites with two for the space of one through the operation of a much smaller crane, (440mm playing panel height) the size of which is perfect for young children to play with their parents or older siblings.

The division of the machine through two cranes and two separate playing levels also allows the distribution of different prizes, such as sweets and toys – ideal for increased attraction of players.

At 1770mm in height and just 570mm in width, the Family Telephone Box crane is a superb option for FECs with limited space as well as those looking for a crane which is easy to set up as either a prize every time or percentage skill option.

Also ready for immediate delivery from JNC is the Crazy Toy 3 unit, which is now available in dedicated blue or pink LED illuminated panels and has delivered on their early test figures with fantastic takings so far this year.

In addition the company stocks a range of used cranes such as Big One MK2 one player, Carre Quattro four player and the colourful Fantasy World, all fully workshopped and configured to bespoke site requirements.

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