Mobile games to become future retro favourites, study says

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Despite most not being a decade old yet, mobile games are set to become retro classics in the future, a study has predicted.


Research based on polling from 1,500 Britons concluded that Candy Crush and Angry Birds, along with its older rival Snake, are set to replace Pacman, Super Mario and Lemmings as (paradoxically, perhaps) “the retro games of the future”.

The research was taken out to canvass the nation’s views on what gaming will look like in the years to come, as well as asking them where they would prefer to play games – at home or in an arcade.

Slightly over half of respondents (51 percent) predicted that Candy Crush will eventually become a popular retro game. Angry Birds and Snake came second and third with 39 and 20 percent, respectively.

Meanwhile, newcomer Pokémon Go, which went huge but soon fizzled out last summer, scored a respectable 17 percent.

The findings therefore showed that the most popular retro games of the future are set to be app-based, in a clear sign of the shift towards mobile devices for playing games.

Complementing the overwhelming preference for mobile games as opposed to ones in the traditional arcade, 74 percent of respondents said they preferred to play at home. However, a sizeable minority of 26 percent still declared loyalty to playing in arcades.

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