Barry Island Pleasure Park settles differences with council

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What had looked likely to be a potentially acrimonious difference of opinion over an extension to the revived amusement park’s arcade, Barry Island has been able to avert an escalation of a dispute through a series of discussions.


A dispute between Barry Island Pleasure Park and Vale of Glamorgan Council over an extension to the attraction’s amusement arcade appears to have been resolved.

Following a meeting last month between owner Henry Danter and his team and councillor Jonathon Bird, cabinet member for regeneration and planning, and other planning officers, the two parties agreed to work out their issues.

The local authority had accused Danter, who bought the dilapidated amusement park back in 2015 and has completely transformed its fortunes, of demolishing part of its perimeter wall and building the extension without the correct planning permission.

Back in June, a report by the council described the arcade’s frontage as “oppressive” and “unauthorised”, and its planning officers recommended an enforcement notice be served to ensure the site of the arcade was restored to its previous condition.

Danter disputed the finding of the report, arguing that he had not required planning permission for the extension to be added and describing the council’s actions as “like using a sledgehammer to crack a walnut”.

He also said that while other local authorities in the UK had offered amusements and attractions operators in coastal resorts financial support, Vale of Glamorgan Council had offered him no such assistance.

The council said Danter had refused to engage with it over the issue in any meaningful way, adding that the site was located within the Barry Marine Conservation Area and in close proximity to recent renovation works it had undertaken to improve the appearance of the popular Welsh seaside resort.

Following the meeting between the two parties, Bird said: “While the council remains concerned about the failure of new development in the pleasure park to comply with the relevant building and planning regulations, Mr Danter has promised to act urgently to ensure that the safety issues are addressed.

He has also undertaken to provide a detailed plan of how and by when this will be achieved.

“Our concern has always been for the health and safety of visitors to the pleasure park. The Barry Island resort has been transformed in recent years and the council has always supported Mr Danter in his desire to be a part of this, but the safety of visitors must always come first.

“Following our meeting, we are hopeful that Mr Danter and his team are true to their word and look forward to a speedy remedy to the safety issues at Barry Island.”

Danter advised that he had been instructed not to talk to the press.

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