Evans: We will fight litter on the beaches

Coinslot - Evans litter beaches Wales
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The issue of litter across the beach is a growing concern across the UK, but Pat Evans, owner of Coney Beach funfair, has taken matters into his own hands.


Things are going to look much cleaner this year at South Wales’ hotspot, Sandy Bay, as local funfair owner, Pat Evans, has invested around £35,000 in a new beach cleaning machine.

The amount of litter at the beach has been an oft-repeated criticism of Sandy Bay, and something that Evans, owner of Coney Beach funfair, has stated the council has done little to aid with.

With little other choice, the funfair owner has now taken matters into his own hand and invested a considerable amount in the machine, which now cleans the beach daily.

“I think it’s as good a beach as you’ll find anywhere in the world,” he said. “There have been nice positive reactions to what we’re doing on social media.”

Evans’ family have been at the Sandy Bay site for almost a decade, and he has stated hope that this new investment will aid in his drive to get the seaside locale awarded a Blue Flag.

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