Facilitating change through exceptional service

Coinslot - Suzohapp Facilitating change through exceptional service
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In an ever changing market landscape after-sales service is more important than ever, something John Vallis, Suzohapp UK sales director and VP amusement sales EMEA, knows better than anyone.


What after sales products and/or services are you seeing the most demand for?

“We have seen a huge surge in demand for our RM5 Coin Acceptors, Scan Coin Note / Coin counters and Comestero Change Machines. The introduction of the new £1 coin has seen the entire industry need to upgrade or replace their equipment to accept the new coin. To further assist our customers, we are able to offer field service reprogramming of coin and note acceptors.”

Are there any other notable products and/or services that Suzohapp offer?

“With the acquisition of Scan Coin to Suzohapp, one of the key points is that we have a dedicated service team with around 40 fieldbased engineers across the UK. In addition to the service & maintenance of Scan Coin products, we are also able to offer service, installation and training on our range of Comestero changers and have successfully completed a lot of field upgrades for the new polymer notes and the new £1 coin.”

How important is it to supplement high quality products with staff knowledge?

“High quality products, extensive market and product knowledge and exceptional customer service are vital components of any business and are key strengths of Suzohapp. As a global company we pride ourselves on the high levels of product quality and of course our customer service.”

What do you feel makes Suzohapp stand out in the after sales market?

“Suzohapp is more than just a spare parts supplier – we are a solutions and technology company. We manufacture and distribute both finished product solutions such as changers, coin and note counters, deposit systems, and also components to the OEMs in all of the industries we serve. This means that we supply and manufacture a lot of the parts which are used in finished products ranging from amusement and gaming machines, to laundry and car wash payment/starter systems.

“Our diverse range of components and solutions, product and market knowledge and manufacturing and distribution capabilities coupled with our commitment to providing quality and value to our customers are what make Suzohapp really stand out from the crowd.”

How much have new currencies impacted the UK market recently?

“The introduction of both the new Polymer notes and the new £1 coin have had a huge impact on the UK market. The most notable impact has been the cost of reprogramming or replacing their equipment and of course the time and effort it has taken to accomplish the upgrades.”

How can a wide range of engineers help both operators and service providers?

“Having a large spread of field engineers allows us to be able to respond to our customers’ needs in the shortest amount of time possible and also means that our customers can get to know their local engineers who can not only look after their equipment to keep their operation running smoothly but can also suggest and advise on other products, too. This gives our customers even more confidence in our abilities and also goes a long way to forging long lasting relationships between our company and our customers.”

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