Dobson’s Amusements to bring seaside to Evesham

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Despite being 70 miles from the sea, Evesham will be getting its own “beach” for the rest of the summer. James Dobson, who will provide rides, explains how he plans to keep footfall steady for long events like this.


James Dobson’s Amusements is hoping to make a splash as it teams up with The Valley Evesham to bring a seaside experience to the Worcestershire town.

From 22 July until 3 September, Evesham Show Ground will be transformed into “The Beach” with 50 tonnes of sand to reel in the landlocked residents.

James Dobson, owner of James Dobson’s Amusements, will be providing rides throughout the six-week event to add authenticity to the attraction. Dobson said he operates business differently for more drawn-out events like this, as opposed to short-run funfairs.

“Just like at Christmas, we have to take a different approach to this sort of event, mainly because of the period of time that the event is running,” Dobson explained. “A funfair on its own can bring enough footfall for a week or two. But for six weeks there needs to be different events or competitions to help keep people interested.

“For example, we are running competitions on some weekends like sand castle competitions. And on Sundays we have Punch and Judy shows and donkey rides free of charge.”

He will be working with The Valley Evesham, the local leisure and shopping centre, to promote the event – predominantly by using social media.

“Hopefully with both of us advertising it should bring a larger footfall,” Dobson said. “Our main promotional side of things at the moment is social media, so far we have had a joint reach of over 55,000 people.”

More traditional forms of advertising are also playing a part to bring in more demographics who do not necessarily use the internet for local events.

“The Valley Evesham have just altered their radio ad to include the Beach. “We are also using leaflets for the surrounding areas.”

The amusements owner also hopes the rides themselves will attract a wide range of visitors.

“Different age groups look for different attractions. For example, most fairgrounds attract a younger generation and they are looking for the latest fastest rides.

“But when we are running this beach event, we want to attract young families and grandparents bringing grandchildren for a day out.

“These types are looking for more child-friendly rides like the carousel toy-set ride we have just brought and the traditional swing boats we have hired.”

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