TouchTunes commitment is sweet music to jukebox operators

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Touch Tunes LB Playdium
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“The World’s Smartest Jukebox” is proving to be a hit with operators, especially with manufacturer TouchTunes’ new business model.


“A new period of opportunity for jukebox operators” is how Toby Hoyte, sales and marketing manager, TouchTunes UK, has described the visionary new commercial model introduced for the Playdium online jukebox.

The combination of music charges pegged at just 18 percent of income, the abolition of fixed music fees and the new TouchTunes Deferred Payment plans, will assist operators to not only hold on to key existing accounts but also to grow their jukebox estates.

“We started the rental plans for Sound Leisure around eight years ago,” said Hoyte. “These were a huge success and many local independent operators were able to grow their businesses significantly, because the deal was that they got the latest jukebox delivered, usually within days, for no capital cost. Operators were able to make money from day one and pay for the product out of its own cashbox. The business model for the amazing Playdium is very much the same.”

Both Soundnet and Sound Leisure are now working exclusively with TouchTunes and the Playdium jukebox is reported to be breaking cashbox records across the UK.

Playdium is supplied with 30,000 songs pre-installed and a further one million songs instantly available online. Described as “the World’s Smartest Jukebox”, Playdium is now available for a modest weekly charge and, after three years, the jukebox is fully paid for by the operator.

As Hoyte concludes, “This new music deal, with no fixed fees, is probably the cheapest music deal available in the UK; it is also the fairest. The almost risk-free music charge, plus the weekly deferred hardware payment, means that any operator can now justifiably offer sites the very best jukebox in the market today.”

The focus on cashbox percentage and abolition of fixed music fees, a long held request of operators, is a clear commitment from TouchTunes to partner in any fluctuations in income, sharing in both rewards and risk.

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Touch Tunes LB Playdium