JNC’s Scooby Doo receives “excellent” feedback

Coinslot - Scooby Doo JNC
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The popular JNC Sales machine based on the iconic Hanna-Barbera cartoon series, Scooby Doo, has been a hit with customers and operators so far.


As the clock ticks towards the start of school holidays, JNC Sales has reported that its Scooby Doo pusher is garnering excellent feedback, with the product’s immediate availability ensuring it is one of the hottest machines currently available to arcades.

The family-fun pusher range, manufactured by market leader Harry Levy, is available as a 10 player straight (£20,995), an 8 player round (£18,995) and a 4 player wall pusher (£12,995).

Through its friendly gameplay and vibrant artwork, it remains loyal to the colourful theme of Scooby Doo, who is still one of the most recognisable cartoon characters today and hugely popular across all ages due to several rebrands since the first series was released in 1969.

Its popularity in design is reflected in its red cabinet, attractive character-based topflash and illuminated payout cups, whilst the adaptation of the accumulative individual jackpots positioned inside the individual playing fields allows customers to see through the pusher and “open up the arcade” for site owners.

The catchy Scooby-soundtrack and interactive audio provides further allure, and together with the centre lose holes for increased revenue, and Deltronic ticket dispensers for efficiency, the pusher range has proved a significant hit since its launch in January.

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