Clacton Pier to become “all-year-round” attraction

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Refurbishment work is underway on Clacton Pier, with plans to reinvigorate amusements on the 146-year-old landmark as a year round attraction.


Work has begun on a £1m redevelopment plan for Clacton Pier in a bid to make it an “all-year-round” attraction. The refurbishment work is concentrating on areas which have gone untouched for 90 years, and follows £12,000 spent on a new sign and £25,000 for an upgraded frontage.

“We have already removed an old workshop on the east side and re-concreted ready for new attractions later this year,” Billy Ball, pier director, said. “People have started to notice that something is taking place and we will be putting up a sign on the wall on the east side saying ‘watch this space – more fun to come.’”

July alone is expected to see £225,000 worth of repairs. The plans involve modernising and strengthening the infrastructure of the pier ready for a significant upgrade and for the second phase of the works, which will take place from the end of summer.

Last week saw repairs to the piles and beams on the east side of the pier, as well as work on the car park. The parking area on the pier will also be removed and replaced with more outdoor seating, in a bid to attract food vendors.

On the west side, a new transformer will be installed to provide power to the landmark and its new features.

“We will be doubling the amount of power available and getting rid of an old transformer which has been there since the year dot,” Ball added. “The replacement will be to modern standards and much more environmentally friendly.”

“This is all just a taster of what is to come over the next 12 months and beyond as we try to make every square foot of the pier to pay for itself.

“We have six acres of real estate sticking out into the sea and when we took over nothing was being done with about four acres – and that had to change.

“Everything we do is about sustainability and making a 146-year-old structure relevant to today’s leisure needs.”

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